Birth Chart

Annamarie Hessmanís Natal Chart
as done by Sean Hessman, 05/25/97 3:50 PM
from Planets in Youth by Robert Hand

Natal Chart: Always how I experience my own energies and othersí energies, not necessarily othersí reality.

Leo Rising: Like to be the center of attention; strong, confident, dominant. Leader, responsibility as well as power and privilege. Dignity and honor. Other young people may do cheap and dishonest things but I may not go along. The fixed fire sign. Stubborn, especially if pride. Idealistic, people have to prove their integrity, when they do, loyal in return. I like to have rich and elegant things that I can show off. Need to learn the difference between impressive and good. Regal bearing. Many like, most respect.

Sun in Leo: Spirited, strong-willed, like to be the center of attention. Warm and affectionate, work hard to get my way, may turn away. Proud and consider myself important. Reluctant to compromise myself. Less likely than others to tell lies, feel that everything should be out in the open. Once I have made up my mind about a course of action; I am persistent. I select a goal and follow it through to the very end. When I am older; I want to be someone important. Self-respect is as important as the respect of others.

Sun in the 1st House: Strong personality that immediately makes an impression on others. High level of self-confidence. Donít try to do more than I can. Itís hard for me to realize that no one can do everything. Physically strong, should enjoy good health. If I can learn to accept my limitations I can. Well-liked if I can learn these lessons.

Moon in Leo: I consider myself important, and want to do things that will make other people proud of me, but most of all I want to be proud of myself. In a group I try to be the outstanding person one way or another. I take my feelings very seriously, tend to exaggerate. Above all, I feel the need to be myself, and do not easily act as others want me to. Emotionally very warm and if I like someone, I will let him or her know it. The better I feel about Myself, the less I need to show off. Often I prefer to play than to work.

Moon in the 1st House: I get along well with other and are able to win people over to me. Win people over. As an adult I . First of all, I may be too emotional in dealing with others. Also, I should be careful not to judge just on My feelings unless backed up. Fickle, people may . Easily up things. Popularity, sensitive to feelings. Convince people that I am one of them and people like that.

Aspects: Conjunction (0 degrees), Sextile (60 degrees), Square (90 degrees) a ďhardĒ aspect (accentuates limitation), Trine (120 degrees) is an easy aspect, opposition (180 degrees) is much more personal I

Moon conjunct Ascendant: I make an impression largely based on emotions. Some may accuse heart on sleeve, most will like me because of it. I sympathize with others and in return me . public at large. I will get along quite well with women, who will bring My. Even while quite young, enjoy doing favors for others, insisting on great in return. Childhood years will be important to me all My life, more important than others, important that I grow up in serene environment.

Moon trine Mars: I have A very great need to be Myself, without holding back. Express it to everyone. Honest about My feelings and donít keep people in the dark about My reactions to anything. I will also be known to be --- fight for what I believe in. Stand up for own interests. Best off working on my own at my own pace, not particularly interested in being in charge of other people but have to be free to be what I want. Often feel that I could lead the group better, attracted to people who are as strong as I am but have to ensure that My will Ė otherwise conflicts.

Moon square Saturn: This aspect can be quite difficult at times. I often feel that people around me or life itself prevents me from expressing Myself. Aloneness, I have to have a great deal of emotional support from those around me. My mother especially needs to . Either I will dislike My mother or I will idealize her. Sometimes with this aspect I mother may no life with me. This may make it hard to love other people. I probably try too hard to control My feelings.

NOT aspect:

Mercury in Virgo: I have a good, thorough mind and I pay attention to details. I can learn about subjects that require. Good with My hands. If I cannot do something well, I am not likely to do it at all. I have a very critical view of the world. I must be careful not to tear down. I should be good at My studies. If I donít see the usefulness of a subject, I may not. Even while young, enjoy classifying.

Mercury in the Second House: Whenever I have money, I plan what I am going to do with it very carefully. I like to learn because I value ideas very highly. May mean making money through many different jobs without concentrating on one career. Make money by using wits, which usually involves special knowledge or training. Clever in work through personal experience.

ASPECT - Mercury Sextile Venus: I am a natural diplomat. I express things so gracefully. Love harmony and beauty, SURROUND Myself with beautiful objects. Try to avoid unpleasant, even if necessary part of life. By trying to keep everything light and easy. With this aspect may prevent me from doing anything thoroughly. Amusing and witty, probably quite popular at parties and in groups. Little trouble making people like me.

ASPECT - Mercury square Mars: This aspect can be rather difficult. Rash and impulsive and tend to lose My temper easily, may feel offended, when angry are Ė problem is My. Canít afford to ignore either element of aspect, must put them together. If mars, fighting all the time. If reason, lose a great deal of strength, including the strength to stick up for Myself. Have to learn that when others disagree with me, they are not. When angry or irritable, stay away from tools or machinery, may have accidents.

ASPECT - Mercury trine Saturn: Careful and cautious, do everything in a structured way. Only mental limitation is that I have trouble grasping something that is not spelled out in detail. View of life is practical. Good organizer, knows how to arrange elements artificially. Sometimes get too bogged down in little details. Want to know the object of truth in the world. May be too hard-headed to appreciate the subtler side of life.

Venus in Cancer: Like to be very close to people need to have an especially affectionate relationship with My parents. I always want to be sure that I can count on someone for emotional support At the same time, I am willing to give the same support to those that I love. If I decide that no one loves me, I may be. May be jealous and possessive of My friends, may lead to rivalry. Nevertheless, when I like someone I show it a lot. I never do anything to hurt someone unless hurt firts. May be particularly close to My mother, apron strings. May have trouble breaking away.

Venus in the 11th House: I am a very sociable person who really enjoys good company and goo time. When I am alone, I feel lonely very quickly. I get along best in a group. Like to be with friends. When I am an adult, My friends may include artists and . Throughout My life, My friends should be unless Venus is very poorly aspected.

ASPECT - Venus sextile Saturn: I may not have a great number of friends. I may not like anyone who a. Often friends older. So serious hard to let go and have a good time. I am not as outwardly affectionate person. When older only a few relationships with opposite sex. Unusually willing to work hard and save a difficult marriage. Relationships may be based on practical considerations as well as based on romance.

Mars in Sagittarius: Actions motivated by ideals. Willing to work hard, less concerned with getting own way. Donít like to waste energy on something that matters to me. If I am working with others, donít like to be the one who handles day to day matters. Being outdoors is important to me. I will rebel against any. Physically active, restless. Strong sense of Justice. At my best, motivated by sense of high moral standards and ideals.

Mars in the 4th House: I may have difficulty getting along with one of My parents. Important to discuss things out in the open. Strong desire to be the person in charge in My home. One way to ease, to be by Myself as much as possible. Home life important to me, spend a great deal of energy getting personal surroundings, room, the way I want it. Older, home. Older, anger. Honest about feelings will be only way able to handle them.

ASPECT Ė Mars trine Ascendant: I am strong-willed and have a great need to be Myself. Fortunately. Opinion doesnít depend on what others think of me. Do not like working under anyone else unless I respect him or her. Anyone. Throw Myself into every activity with whole-hearted enthusiasm. Sports particularly interest me. Play rather than work. Defend beliefs and people who I believe in until the end.

Jupiter in Libra: I will do best in life if balance between extremes. On the other hand, when I have considered both sides, make up My mind decisively. Beauty important to me as an indication of order in the universe. Intense sense of well-being. At an early age, see beauty in every situation. If talent, larger and more elegant. Relationships important to My spiritual growth. Important to think about My relationships and not take them for granted. Sense of justice, defend rights.

Jupiter in the 3rd House: Curious. Read and find answers. Most attracted to subjects that explain how the universe works. Read and study widely in Religion, Metaphysics, Law and History. Quite frequently this position indicates a love of travel. Throughout My life, free to make up own mind. Do not want to be limited by othersí prejudices. Good relationships with those who surrounded me. Brother or sister may also be very helpful in My development, possibly providing me a pattern for me to model Myself on.

ASPECT - Jupiter sextile Ascendant: friends may help me quite a bit. When they see that I like to help people. Optimistic and cheerful that I help. Not likely to take advantage of people in a way that would hurt them, too idealistic for that. My expectations of life are quite high. World owes me a living. Attracted to those who are generous, optimistic. Canít stand petty and narrow. Tolerant of flaws, prefer to look at their good side rather than dwell on the bad.

Saturn in Taurus: this placement most important to me personally if Saturn is near opposition or conjunction with the Ascendant or Midheaven or closely aspecting the Sun or Moon. (it might be if the squaring counts as close) I have a great need to establish a firm foundation in My life. When I have total freedom, I feel uneasy. Drive for security, may make me rigid. Sometimes difficult for me to change or adapt. Resistant to adversity or hard times. I may find it difficult to share with each others. Important that parents make me feel My resources are not going to be taken away. Everything will work out for me if I believe that it will. I need lots of support all My life.

Saturn in the 10th House: (Saturn actually rules the 10th house, so Saturn is where it works well -- house of discipline) Even while I am Young, very concerned about what is important in the world. Want to know what is meaningful and make My mark on it. Adult world cold and forbidding, little mercy. Realize this is an attitude about Myself that I have imposed on the world. Important good relationship with father, or else may grow up feeling the world is against me. Above all do not take any shortcuts, follow rules. (Saturn also planet of rules) When adult, may be a teacher, either in school or every day interactions. Work may involve metal, stone or other hard objects.

ASPECT - Saturn square Ascendant: I may have quite a bit of difficulty learning to relate to people as friends or loved ones, may feel unworthy of being loved. In early years, need a great deal of support from parents. I tend to feel that demands of life are so high that I cannot live up to them. Rather than admit failure, withdraw. Do not allow criticism to be central in relationship. Work furiously to avoid inner emptiness. Avoid trying to escape from Myself.

General note on outer planets the sign positions of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are Ė it is hard to recognize them in an individual. Hard to see them clearly. Seem to affect whole generations, rather than individuals.

Uranus in Libra: Birth generally between 1969-1974. Deal w/relationships differently from others, nontraditional, unusual aesthetic tastes. Require a great deal of freedom in relationships, do not want to be pinned down. Relationships made and broken at astonishing rates of speed.

Uranus in the 3rd House: Quick and original mind, size up situation quicker than others, sometimes use it to play jokes, pranks on others. Like to challenge opinions. Often argue the opposite just to see reaction. Likely to get bored more easily than others. At best, grasp complicated quickly and . Relations with brothers and sisters are quite changeable. Might have unusual sibling, or might live where people are out of the ordinary.

Neptune in Scorpio: Those born between 1957-70. This placement will not be repeated in this century. Love of the mysterious and the strange. Current interest in the occult and related subjects. More concerned with individual regeneration. May have extreme ideas, either relaxed or very strict, about personal morality.

Neptune in the 4th House: I will feel the effect of this position in 2 different ways: strong intuition about inside of others; however, feelings may not always be clear, confusing. Great need to be alone and. Idealize parent, constantly disappointed. May continually look for the ideal home, where I can be at peace with Myself. Will learn that this place will be inside of me. May be disappointed in the real world.

ASPECT Ė Neptune sextile Pluto: these aspects are extremely long-lasting and difficult to understand.

Pluto in Virgo: 1957-71. This passage coincided with the revolutionary fervor of the 60s. Likely to be very involved in ideas of nutrition or healing through food. Probably not orthodox approach.

Pluto in general: breakdown and new beginnings. May contribute to these changes.

Pluto in 2nd house: when I want something I want it very much, whether it is a possession or an important goal. As I grow older I will discover that money is very important to me, not for itself but because of what I can do with it. I am very concerned with complete control with all My possessions. My possessions give me the ability to control My life, and I feel they are taking it away from me. If I own too many things, taking care of them all becomes more of a burden than they are worth.

Pluto opposition North Node: connections that transform one, connections with subversive groups, power struggles with others, groups that aim to transform the world or understand it, like researchers and such.